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pandora jewellery ireland

What is Pandora going to be in jewellery industry?

In ancient Greek, pan meant “all”. Dora means “gift”, while Pandora means “women who possess all gifts”. The myth of Pandora has a long history and different editions. Among them, the most widely circulated is Jose in order to punish Plo Michel J for stealing fire, and ordered fire and forging clay to make women to human beings, named Pandora. The gods gave Pandora many gifts, and a beautiful magic box, but Jose did not allow her to open the magic box.

Pandora had a strong curiosity, and finally failed to resist the opening of the box. After the magic box was opened, all the diseases and demons that had caused human pain escaped. Fortunately, Athena placed a spirit of hope and opportunity in the box to save mankind. This is the source of inspiration for the brand. Pandora jewelry also represents luck and hope.

Today, the jewellery industry is fully exhausted, such as Tiffany, Zhou Dafu and other jewellery giants have also seen a dramatic decline in performance, but Pandora jewels, which belong to the fast fashion area, have doubled in China. Then, in the coming of the new retail era, what will Pandora, the jeweller Zara, be living in the jewelry industry?