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Tmall’s new retail jewelry brand Pandora’s new growth engine

At this year’s Tmall double 11 global tide, Pandora took part in the show. In order to fully express its brand opinion in the only 5 minutes, Pandora and Tmall have opened a lot of meetings and brought new products in the autumn and winter to start the world. “There are many different platforms in the market, but I am not just selling things. I hope to have a long-term way to show brands, accumulate fans through different channels, and to get suggestions and plans for the future development of the brand. ” Anthony, director general manager of Pandora China, said a series of measures also led the brand to usher in a rapid growth. This year, Tmall’s double 11, the first participation of Pandora only used 7 minutes to deal 10 million.

It is reported that the trend of personalized jewelry consumption represented by Pandora is gaining rapid growth on Tmall. Since its entry into Tmall last year, Pandora has gained more than 1 million fans in just a year, and its chain, chain, earring, necklace, ring, box suit and other subdivisions are growing rapidly, becoming the dominant brand of the jewelry category.

As the only official authorized third party network sales platform on the mainland of China, on the day of signing the strategic cooperation ceremony, Pandora launched the “Disney jewellery series” on the Tmall flagship store, the “Disney jewelry series”, and announced that the first “Tmall super brand day” will be opened at the end of January, and the marketing and production will be strengthened. Cooperation in products and other fields.