Pandora Jewellery makes cooperation with Tmall

PANDORA, China’s managing director, Mr. Liu Xiuyun, President of the Tmall clothing industry group, joined and signed the memorandum, and sent blessings to the more extensive cooperation between the two sides. PANDORA China’s managing director, Mr. Tang Tung, said: “the strategic cooperation memorandum with Tmall is designed to build closer ties with consumers with the help of Tmall’s powerful marketing tools and the ‘data bank’, so as to improve the offline consumer shopping experience.”

Liu Xiuyun, President of the Tmall apparel industry group, said: “PANDORA’s strategic cooperation with Tmall is not only the exploration of the single brand cooperation between the two sides, but also the new journey of jewelry retailing with new retail. The Alibaba group has a full layout of the Internet and mobile terminals, covering electronic commerce, video, news search, social media and all kinds of life services, with 550 million active users. On the basis of this, the two sides will combine the brand strategy, big data commodity planning, brand marketing, all channels and other new retail and other aspects, to help the development of the brand in the Chinese market.

Walt Disney, vice president and general manager of China consumer goods and interaction, Mr. Lin Jiawen also came to the scene as a special guest to witness this important moment. On the day of the event, PANDORA launched the world’s only “Disney jewelry series” in the Pandora Tmall flagship store, including the classic Mickey Minnie, the ice and snow world all over the world, snow white, and the Alice sleepwalking fairyland series, as a new step by the PANDORA to explore the new retail field, Pandora Dick. The Nei jewellery series brings magic, memorable moments and beautiful fairy tales to more Tmall consumers.

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