Pandora super brand day

Similarly, Tmall super brand day has prepared a unique gift for all consumers immersed in sweetness. In addition to the first Free Engraving and postal service customized, there are limited goods with the heart to match, enjoy 20 percent off of the value of the courtesy, more than 0 points from the 29 day before the payment of cheering ceremony and 1000 list of orders full of warm winter day, and so on. The huge concessions and the beauty of the gifts make fans want to squatting down to WIFI so that they can grab faster.

In the traditional idea, the jewelry seems to be not together with the e-commerce platform. After all, from the style of the ornament to the style of the jewelry, to the color of the jewel cutting, it determines whether the consumer is buying or not. The advantage of the entity store is that it can wear the effect on the spot, or to face the dazzling finished product, choose the style you like, and send it to your heart. How to make a good link between the line and the line, how to attract the users under the preference line to the online, how to attract more potential consumers, is the problem that puzzles the jewelry brand, and is also the key point for the Tmall super brand to help and solve the jewelry brand.

Prior to this, Tmall super brand days with Zhou Shengsheng, roseonly, Longines and other jewelry and jewelry brand depth cooperation. This is PANDORA Pandora’s first Tmall super brand day, on the basis of understanding and insight into customer needs, through PANDORA Pandora’s loyalty to the spirit of independence, to deduce the brand concept of my personality, to cater to “I understand you more than I imagined”, for the coming Valentine’s day and the new PANDORA Pandora. Point, the precise positioning of the consumer groups, advertising to radiation potential consumer customers, marketing mode again innovation, constantly empower brand new vitality, the new retail market jewelry brand another battle!

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